Anupama 20th August 2023 full episode written update: Shocker for Anupama

We’re here to provide you with an update on the popular show “Anupama.” The show continues to maintain high viewership ratings on television. It revolves around the life of a woman and her family, depicting various issues they face. In the latest episode, Romil experiences joy and sends Anupama to Pakhi and Adhik’s room. Anupama subsequently removes Pakhi from the room, causing Adhik to become anxious as he fears he might face consequences due to being discovered.

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Anupama 20th August 2023 full episode

In this episode of “Anupama,” which aired on August 20, 2023, Anupama has a conversation with Pakhi. Anupama questions whether Pakhi envisions herself becoming like the older Anupama. Pakhi responds that she prefers to keep this to herself. Anupama reassures her and claims she’ll manage the situation independently. Anupama then contacts Vanraj and urges him, along with Bapu Ji and Baa, to visit the Kapadiya household. Meanwhile, Anuj becomes curious about the situation and speculates on the matter. Anupama informs Baa and Bapu Ji about her request for them to come over, causing them to become concerned. Anuj ponders if the issue pertains to Sweety rather than Anupama’s family members.

Conversations about Adhik’s actions take place. Barkha questions Adhik’s decision to slap Pakhi, to which he explains it was an impulsive act. Anuj, however, insists that both Anupama and he will inquire about the incident. Barkha defends Adhik, labeling it a sudden reaction, and compares it to Anupama’s own actions. She even recalls Anuj’s past actions, where he slapped Romil, emphasizing the distinction between the situations.

Adhik faces criticism from Ankush, and Leela reveals past instances of arguments between them. Barkha mentions Pakhi raising her hand against Adhik too. Anupama queries whether Barkha herself resorted to physical actions. Barkha admits to her impulsive reaction and questions whether Adhik’s actions have been isolated incidents. The revelation that Adhik had previously assaulted her shocks everyone. Vanraj and Anuj decide to pursue legal action against Adhik for domestic violence. While Anuj supports this decision, Pakhi intervenes and expresses her intention to handle Adhik herself. Anupama advises Pakhi not to tolerate such violence in the name of love and implores her not to interfere in her matters. This declaration astonishes everyone. The episode concludes on this dramatic note.


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