Who Is Bittu Bajrangi: How Bittu Bajrangi Became A Cow Vigilante?

As we’ve come to know, there’s a lot of emerging information surrounding Bittu Bajrangi’s life story. This includes details about his biography, real name, background, a viral video he’s involved in, his family, and much more. To delve into these specifics, you’ll need to read the article for a comprehensive view. We invite you to stay tuned with us at KRG News for valuable insights and regular updates.

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Who Is Bittu Bajrangi

Who exactly is Bittu Bajrangi, you ask? Well, it’s imperative that you dive into the article to discover Bittu Bajrangi’s biography, his actual name, his background, the viral video in question, his family, and all the latest news. Within that article, you’re likely to unearth some significant events too, so it’s crucial not to overlook it. Keep on reading until you reach the end. Reliable sources suggest that Bittu Bajrangi is an activist associated with the Bajrang Dal and cow vigilante movements hailing from Faridabad.

Let’s dig deeper into Bittu Bajrangi’s journey. Furthermore, he holds the position of chief within the Gau Raksha Bajrang Force located in Faridabad. Word has it that Bittu originates from Faridabad in Haryana and gained considerable prominence for his involvement as a cow vigilante. Before taking on this role, he used to work as a trader dealing in fruits and vegetables at the local markets in Faridabad. Subsequently, he decided to join the Bajrang Dal and became an active member. This transition led him to participate fervently in rallies and campaigns centered around cow protection and festivals.

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How Bittu Bajrangi Became A Cow Vigilante

By the way, did you know? This prominent public figure goes by the real name of Raj Kumar. However, he is widely recognized by most people and his associates as Bittu Bajrangi. He was a participant in rallies organized by the Vishva Hindu Parishad during the recent unfortunate incident of communal violence in Nuh. Shortly after this event, he was apprehended by the authorities, although he was granted bail on the same day. Reportedly, he was taken into custody by the police on a Tuesday. Additionally, in connection with the Nuh violence case, the police have arrested 242 suspects and filed over 60 FIRs. During the rally, it was unveiled that Bittu, accompanied by 20 associates, took part and carried weapons like swords. This suggests a premonition of potential violence. Moreover, during the turmoil, Bittu and his companions managed to seize weapons from the police.

It’s been confirmed that a video posted by Bittu Bajrangi a day before the rally significantly contributed to the eruption of violence in Nuh. However, his arrest wasn’t directly related to the video but rather for carrying weapons during a religious event. Yet, during the upheaval, Bittu and his group wrested the weapons from the police. Your patience in reading this is much appreciated.

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