Who Is Pooja Kumari? CCTV shows Delhi woman entering boyfriend’s home

Hey there, we’ve got some updates on recent events in Delhi to share with you. Something pretty shocking happened, and once word got out, people were scrambling online for more details. So, we’ve decided to lay out all the information about this incident right here in this post. And that’s not all – we’re also diving into other viral stories that folks are searching for these days. If you’re curious to know more, just keep reading the rest of this article.

Pooja Kumari

Who Is Pooja Kumari?

So, there’s this incident involving a young boy in Delhi. From what we gather, he was sadly strangled while he was asleep. And guess who’s supposedly involved? A woman named Pooja. She apparently hid the boy’s body in a bed box after the incident. The police got involved in Bakkarwala, Delhi, and they went through a whole lot of CCTV footage – like around 300 cameras – to figure out what happened.

The twist in the story is that a 24-year-old lady from Delhi, named Pooja Kumari, is being accused of causing the young boy’s death. Allegedly, she saw him as an obstacle to her relationship with her live-in partner. It’s claimed that she strangled the boy while he was sleeping over at her partner’s place. And, believe it or not, she then concealed his body under a box bed before making a run for it. But the Delhi Police Crime Branch didn’t give up – they managed to track down Pooja on August 13. They had quite the task, going through all those CCTVs set up at different spots. It seems Pooja was quite the slippery one, changing her hideout often and managing to avoid the police.

Now, let’s rewind a bit to 2019. Pooja and a guy named Jitendra decided to live together. Now, here’s where it gets complicated – Jitendra was already married to someone else. After three years of being with Pooja, he decided to head back to his wife and their son. This really didn’t sit well with Pooja. She believed that Jitendra’s hesitation to divorce his wife was because of their son, who was 11 years old at the time. Jitendra told her that he’d marry her after getting divorced from his wife, since he was already married and had a son. So, Pooja and Jitendra started living together in a rented place. However, things took a turn when they clashed over the whole divorce situation. According to a police officer, Jitendra was now avoiding the divorce topic.

Fast forward to August 10, things took a dark turn. Pooja managed to find her way to Jitendra’s home in Inderpuri with a little help from a mutual friend. The young boy was asleep when she arrived, and the door was open. In a fit of anger, she allegedly strangled the boy to death. She then used some clothes from the storage under the bed box to hide the body. The police got wind of something fishy when they were notified that a child had been brought dead to the hospital, with marks around his neck suggesting strangulation. They sprang into action, combing through over 300 CCTV clips in the vicinity after filing a murder case.

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