Jagjivan Ram Son Suresh Ram Scandal Explained

If you’re interested in learning about the scandal involving Suresh Ram, the son of Jagjivan Ram, India’s former Defense Minister, this article provides the details. We’ll delve into the controversial incident that rocked the country, where Suresh Ram’s leaked photos led to consequences for his daughter Medhavi Kirti, a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Even Jagjivan Ram’s granddaughter faced repercussions in her exams. The scandal resurfaced when a former professor revealed how Jagjivan Ram’s granddaughter passed. Stay with us, read through to the end, and scroll down for more.

Jagjivan Ram Son Suresh Ram Scandal  1

Jagjivan Ram Son Suresh Ram Scandal Explained

Leaked photos depicted Suresh Ram engaged in a physical relationship with a girl from Satyawati College at Delhi University. These scandalous images found their way into a magazine published by Maneka Gandhi. This event took place in 1978, involving Medhavi Kirti, the granddaughter of India’s Defense Minister at the time. During this period, there was no strict attendance requirement at JNU, but Kirti’s situation became noteworthy when she didn’t even participate in exams.

A former professor, Pushpesh Pant, who taught Medhavi Kirti, discussed her issues with the then Dean, Vimal Prasad. She was neither attending classes nor completing her coursework, leading to concerns. However, the college dean suggested passing her due to her father’s involvement in the scandal. The lecturer refused and set a condition before passing Kirti. It’s essential to note that Jagjivan Ram, Kirti’s grandfather, was the Defense Minister in Morarji Desai’s government after the emergency period. He had aspirations of becoming the Prime Minister, but his son’s scandal derailed those plans.

The leaked images provided evidence of Suresh Ram’s relationship with the girl from Satyawati College, taken in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Suresh later married the woman, but Jagjivan Ram’s family didn’t accept her due to the political earthquake caused by the scandal. There are reports suggesting that Khushwant Singh orchestrated the scandal, providing the photos to Maneka Gandhi, who published them in the magazine.

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