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..:: Top 5 Nagpuri New Album Songs ::..

Salem Superstar 2 [2017] ! Barso Megharani (2017) ! Ignesh Kar Sachha Payaar (2017) ! Hai Re Sunder Sarhul (2017) ! Chaaibasa Wali Guiya 2 [2017] !

..:: Nagpuri New Album Videos ::..

"ODISHA 10th"[HSC Examinatinon Result 2017 To Be Announced On]26.04.2017 [Click Here]
Daily Update Menu 28-04-2017
"Selem Sitty Bajaaye K Pataaye Na (2017)"[Exclusive New Hits Nagpuri Album Mp3 Tracks] (Download) 27.04.2017
"ODISHA 10th HSC"[Examination Result Declared On 9.30 a.m Today] (CLICK HERE) 26.04.2017
"Tum Nahi To Koi Nahi Re Reshma(2017) [Full Album]"[Nagpuri Exclusive New Album Mp3] (DOWNLOAD) 22.04.2017
"Bewafa Puja Salem (2017) [Full Album]"[No Voice Tag New Nagpuri Hit Album Mp3] (Download) 17.04.2017
"A Hamar Kavita Salem (2017) [Album]"[New Releases Nagpuri Full Album Mp3] 17.04.2017 (Download)
"Bollywood Nagpuri Version New Mp3 (2017)"[New Nagpuri Hits Single Mp3] (Download) 04.04.2017
"Teth Domkach Nagpuri Mp3 Songs (2017)"[All New Releases Nagpuri Thet Mp3] (Download) 04.04.2017
"Jharkhandi Sarhul Single Mp3 (2017)"[April Spl. Nagpuri New Single Hits] (DOWNLOAD) 04.04.2017
"Barso Megharani (2017) [Full Album"[Exclusive New Nagpuri Hit Album All Mp3] (Download) 30.03.2017
"Ignesh Kar Sachha Payaar (2017)"[2017 New Nagpuri Teth Album Full Mp3] (Download) 30.03.2017
"A Re Rina Re DIl Na Todna [More +15]"[Exclusive New Marh Hits Nagpuri Single Mp3] (Download) 30.03.2017
"Hai Re Sunder Sarhul (2017) [Full Album]"[No Voice Tag New Nagpuri Album Mp3] (Download) 30.03.2017
"Aaija Re Sangi Dil K Dard [More +20]"[New March Hits Nagpuri Single Tracks] (Download) 25.03.2017
"Daaru Bina Neend Kahaan Re [More +5]"[March Exclusive New Nagpuri Single Mp3 Song] (Download) 25.03.2017
"Salem Superstar 2 (2017) [Full Album]"[No Voice Tag New Nagpuri Album Mp3] (Download) 25.03.2017
"Appu Deewana Toke [More New 10]"[February Hits New Nagpuri Single Mp3] (Download) 19.03.2017

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